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Curcumin Full Spectrum 46x     

100% Certified Curcumin with
46 Times More Bioavailability

Curcumin 46x


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Gluten free
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The Most Superior Plant-Based Supplement

Curcumin Full-Spectrum with 46X the bioabsorption of ordinary turmeric root powder for maximum health benefits.

One capsule a day powers up your immune system, provides relief from aches and pains, and supports full-body well-being.

Our revolutionary delivery enhancer makes this super nutrient 46 times more bioavailable in the body, for maximum therapeutic and health benefits!

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Remarkable Therapeutic Properties

Curcumin is the most clinically studied, plant-derived, health-supporting substance in modern science,
and more than 6,000 studies verify its nutritional benefits.
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One of the Top 10 Bestselling
Supplements in the U.S.

According to Nutrition Business Journal, curcumin is one of the most sought-after supplements, and with good reason! Curcumin is the active phytochemical in turmeric root, a highly prized herbal medicinal used in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for more than 6,000 years.

You probably know it as the gold-colored Indian spice used to make curry and mustard. But you’d have to consume a staggering amount of fresh or dried turmeric root daily to get the health benefits of a single 700 mg full-spectrum capsule.

Curcumin + Turmeric Root = a Dynamic Duo

Researchers now believe that individuals seeking to use curcumin to maintain good health should choose a full-spectrum curcumin supplement that contains the components of the raw turmeric root that are typically removed during the curcumin extraction process.

It appears that the whole turmeric root’s natural components work together synergistically, and when they’re all present in a supplement, the bioavailability—the ability of the body to absorb and utilize it—is dramatically enhanced. Which is why we use both in our full-spectrum formulation.

Made with Proprietary
UltraSOL Delivery System

UltraSOL delivery system is a unique approach to increasing the solubility of poorly absorbed nutrients like curcuminoids:

 Enhances absorption of curcuminoids

 Maintains the natural curcuminoid profile in turmeric

 Protects curcuminoids

Don’t Be Fooled by
Fool’s Gold Capsules went undercover and discovered that 20% of turmeric/curcumin supplements tested provided less than 15% of the compounds listed on labels. The shocking truth is that many supplements claiming to contain 95% curcuminoids actually only contain 4% actives.

What’s the rest of the gold filling? Food additives like maltodextrin! Our Curcumin 46x Full Spectrum Formula is sourced by CurcuWIN as a unique, highly bioavailable form of curcumin, proven to be better absorbed than other enhanced forms of curcumin.

A Curcumin Supplement You Can Trust with a Strict Standard of Excellence

There are tons of turmeric/curcumin supplements on the market. Don’t be duped by “golden imposters” and select the cheapest formula without scrutinizing what is and isn’t in it. Choose a curcumin supplement that meets these criteria:

Health Benefits

Curcumin packs a potent antioxidant effect, protecting cells against oxidative damage and supporting graceful aging, colon health and neuronal function.
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Turmeric benefits

Boost Brain Power

Create more brain cells with curcumin!

Low levels of a brain growth hormone called Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor (BDNF) are unhealthy. Curcumin can cross the blood-brain barrier (which keeps out other nutrients), and has been shown to increase BDNF levels, stimulating the creation of new neurons and improving connections between them, so that you can think faster and remember better.

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Don’t put off your wellness. Start benefiting from curcumin today. Get a single bottle of Full Spectrum Curcumin or bundle it in packages of 3 or 6 for savings and convenience.

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