However, the study strengths vary based on a number of factors including study design, population, fed state, and number and variety of outcome measures. These variabilities and only testing a single enhanced ingredient against a standard curcumin powder make it difficult to directly compare one form against another.” souce: OmniActive

“Curcumin helps activate more than 700 genes…”

Effects of curcumin on the gene expression profile of L-02 cells.

Expression profiles of apoptotic genes induced by curcumin in human breast cancer and mammary epithelial cell lines.

“Thousands of research studies have been done on the health benefits of curcumin”

See PubMed search on curcumin 10,000+ articles):

“…increase bioavailability or the amount that is absorbed by the body…” (this ref. may apply)

Diverse effects of a low dose supplement of lipidated curcumin in healthy middle aged people.

“Fight inflammation…”

Potential Therapeutic Effects of Curcumin, the Anti-inflammatory Agent, Against Neurodegenerative, Cardiovascular, Pulmonary, Metabolic, Autoimmune and Neoplastic Diseases

Epigenetic regulation of high glucose-induced proinflammatory cytokine productionin monocytes by curcumin

Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of curcumin.

“Strengthen immunity”

Immune Modulation by Curcumin: The Role of Interleukin-10.

Curcumin suppresses NTHi-induced CXCL5 expression via inhibition of positive IKKβ pathway and up-regulation of negative MKP-1 pathway.

Curcumin enhances human macrophage control of Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.

Curcumin ameliorates autoimmune diabetes. Evidence in accelerated murine models of type 1 diabetes.

Immunomodulation by curcumin.

“Promotes overall better health”

Curcumin: From ancient medicine to current clinical trials

Pharmacology of Curcuma longa.

Curcumin: the Indian solid gold.

Curcumin, the golden nutraceutical: multitargeting for multiple chronic diseases.

Curcumin and Health.

“Support cardiovascular health”

The Emerging Role of Curcumin for Improving Vascular Dysfunction: A Review.

Curcumin as a potential protective compound against cardiac diseases.

Curcumin as a potential candidate for treating hyperlipidemia: A review of cellular and metabolic mechanisms.

Antidotal Effects of Curcumin Against Agents-Induced Cardiovascular Toxicity.

Curcumin Exerts its Anti-hypertensive Effect by Down-regulating the AT1 Receptor in Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells.

Curcumin protects against myocardial infarction-induced cardiac fibrosis via SIRT1 activation in vivo and in vitro.

“Boost your weight loss efforts”

Phytochemicals in regulating fatty acid beta-oxidation: Potential underlying mechanisms and their involvement in obesity and weight loss.

Potential role of bioavailable curcumin in weight loss and omental adipose tissue decrease: preliminary data of a randomized, controlled trial in overweight people with metabolic syndrome. Preliminary study.

Curcumin promotes browning of white adipose tissue in a norepinephrine-dependent way.

Curcumin and obesity.

“Helps stimulate digestive juices and metabolize food”

Influence of dietary spices or their active principles on digestive enzymes of small intestinal mucosa in rats.

Effects of various food ingredients on gall bladder emptying

Fat digestion and absorption in spice-pretreated rats.

In vitro influence of spices and spice-active principles on digestive enzymes of rat pancreas and small intestine.

Influence of dietary spices and their active principles on pancreatic digestive enzymes in albino rats.