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Kendall E. Matthews: Perfect. So one of the things that we’re going to be doing, and I’m going to doing more of this next couple of months, is being able to provide great content for health technology and things that you are able to do. And what I’m doing is making sure that have the energy that I need to be successful every single day.

And I want to share that information with you, and Dr. Dennis Clark is helped me out. So if you want to subscribe to this YouTube channel, make sure you do that and click the notification button as well so you can get notified on one.

We’re going to be uploading some more great content and if you have any questions that you want me to ask, Dr. Dennis Clark, leave those in the comment section below. I’ll make sure the next time we do these I will ask your question as well.

So, the last time we were talking Dr. Clark, we are talking about the probiotics and one of the areas that I’m interested in diving a little bit more deeply for the next two minutes or so is about the immune system.

So, before you get into that, could you tell us a little bit about your background. Then we can dive into the immune system.

Dr. Dennis Clark: I was a professor at Arizona State University for 30 years in scientific research with the specialty and plant natural products chemistry.

That’s a mouthful.

One thing led to another over my teaching and research career. I ultimately ended up applying that to herbal medicine and then just all aspects of natural health for that reason, and for personal reasons, I discovered probiotics as a crucial supplement or at least some way they get into your body every day because the bacteria that run your systems from top to bottom are often damaged by things that we do in daily life.

Whether it be food additives, whether it be poor sleep, even a bad attitude of various toxins.

The worst could be probably added acids and antibiotics. All those things demand that we take care of our own bacteria better and that to me is simply supplementing with probiotics.

Kendall E. Matthews: Gotcha. So I want to talk about the immune system and so just to let you know that sometimes I’m going to be writing notes down because you provided so much great information that I want to make sure I captured it in the moment.

So for the next, about two minutes about the immune system and what all that entails, what the immune system.

Dr. Dennis Clark: Well, everything you’ve heard about the immune system, it’s much more complicated than you think.

It keeps you well against all kinds of challenges, and it’s not just microbial challenge is, is also inflammatory challenges.

So that means that anything is you can do to make your immune system work better. Everything else you have will work better.

The thing that floored me when I was first starting to study probiotics is that 70 percent of your immune cells are regenerated in your small intestine, 70 percent.

So that means that if you want to take care of your immune system, first and foremost, you have to take care of your gut, and that requires that you pay attention to how healthy the bacteria are, from top to bottom, from your mouth, all the way out the other end so that your immunity stays as good as it can be.

When you’re challenged in your gut and the bacteria are damaged, then your immune system suffers. And that invites all kinds of things.

One of the main things that people have now, it’s almost a pandemic worldwide, and that is autoimmune difficulties so that when we have a leaky gut due to inflammatory lifestyle choices and also to damage to our microbiome, our gut bacteria, it leads to little junctions that opened up in our gut and it causes inflammation and the immune system goes crazy.

In fact, if you think about it, this is always a puzzle to me until I finally got this connection.

You think about it, the whole idea of an autoimmune disease is just silly.

Your body attacking itself. No, that doesn’t make any sense at all.

What that means is that you start with a problem in your gut and it allows these inflammatory molecules to circulate in your body and then cause trouble.

Where are the causes trouble? It could be anywhere.

It could be in your joints; it could be in your brain.

That could be any place where you have an autoimmune disease and that’s where I’ve discovered that probiotics come in handy because even though the problem starts with your gut health and your bacteria are being not so helpful for you.

If their damaged, you can replenish them by taking a selective few of the key bacteria that you need to act like little soldiers to get your immune system back on track.

Kendall E. Matthews: Gotcha. Thank you for that information. I appreciate it, and I’m going to continue to do these types of videos with you and others who are the experts in their field, you know, to you, and other individuals lie to you. I.

I’m just absorbing this information and trying to find out how to best take care of myself and my family.

So I appreciate your time Dr. Clark. So, friends, I’m talking to many individuals about that gut-brain connection.

Dr. Clark and I are going to be doing some great things in the future, and we will probably even write a book together, you know, and talk about my personal experiences with your research.

If you have any questions, go ahead and leave those down in the comment section. Myself and Dennis Clark will read those, and we’ll use video to answer all those questions for you or if we don’t make any kind of health, you know, if you have any health situations you haven’t talked to your doctor, but we’ll be able to give you the right direction with the research tools that Dr. Clark has found.

Well, my name is Kendall Matthews, and for Dr. Dennis Clark as well, stay healthy and have fun. Make sure that you’re living a life worth living and we’ll make sure we’ll see you at the top.

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