What is the most important meal of the day? Many think it’s breakfast. Well if your morning meal consists of a Starbucks coffee and a scone, you may be missing out on some things.

Eating probiotic-rich foods for breakfast may help your body burn more calories throughout the day. But if you are like me, you eat to help with having the energy to stay focused. To have the metabolism to get your body going through the day.

The food you eat for breakfast will provide the overall energy that one’s body will require for the whole day.

Here are some probiotic-rich breakfast recipes that you should try today:

Have You Tried Probiotic Yogurt?


In this recipe, add one ¼ cups of oatmeal grain to a bowlful of yogurt.

Cut a few pieces of bananas and add into the bowl of already mixed oatmeal and yogurt and eat it up.

This breakfast combination consists of a variety of probiotics, which can help your skin. As an extra benefit, the oatmeal can help to lower blood cholesterol.

Is Probiotic Kefir Really Tasty?

Kefir is another probiotic food type, which combined with the right ingredients, can have beneficial effects as well as being delicious. It promotes the healthy development of bones and contains antibacterial properties.

For this breakfast idea, you should combine the Kefir and toasted coconut in a bowl. Then add the oatmeal to thicken it up. Throw in a couple of strawberries. Take a picture and upload it to Instagram.

Is Tumeric Really a Food?

Turmeric is another probiotic food type, which is excellent for breakfast.

For this breakfast idea, you need:

  • one banana,
  • one teaspoon Chia seeds,
  • one fresh mango, and
  • 1 cup of kefir.

To prepare this power smoothie, take all the above ingredients and blend them.

As a bonus, add cultured yogurt to enhance the nutrient concentration of the Turmeric. This natural ingredient smoothie will consist of antioxidants, which may help lower the risk of cancer and better health of the heart.

Is a Probiotic-Rich Breakfast What You Need?

Breakfast is an essential meal. It provides the energy your body requires to function correctly throughout the day.

Probiotic-rich foods, in particular, are a great way to ensure you provide your body with a wide range of nutrients.

Food types such as oatmeal and yogurt have immense immunity boosting qualities, which can help protect you from various types of inflammation.