Diabetes is one of the most prevalent diseases worldwide, and the medical world has not been able to find permanent treatment for it.

A condition characterized by increased levels of blood sugar or blood glucose. Diabetes occurs when the pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin or if the body begins to stop responding to insulin, which is necessary for the absorption of glucose by the cells in the blood.

Although diabetes can be managed with some lifestyle changes, it is best to adopt preventive measures so that we do not get diabetes at all.

Despite the campaign of various health organizations about Diabetes prevention, it seems many people are blind to the effects of this deadly disease. Indeed, Diabetes is becoming epidemic, and the number of deaths due to this disease is staggering.

As a matter of fact, just in the US alone, there are 26 million Americans with Diabetes and for every 5 boys and girls who were born in the year 2000, 1 has Diabetes. The chances of dying of those people with Type 2 Diabetes are higher than those with heart diseases.

Below are some of the must-eat foods that could help in battling the deadly Diabetes.


To raise the blood-sugar gently and slowly, people should opt for high-end carbohydrates, instead of low-quality ones, such as sugary foods, and refined grains. High-end carbs should be combined with a healthy fat or protein.

One of the best options is beans. Beans are of high-end carbohydrates, soluble fiber, and lean protein. They could stabilize the blood sugar level, as well as maintain the normality of the hunger.


As proven by studies, a diet that is rich in fiber and whole grains may lessen the risk of Diabetes, specifically by 35% to 42%. One of the best sources is healthy oatmeal. It is enriched with soluble fiber, which could slow down the glucose absorption, which comes from the food.

By eating oatmeal, people can control normal blood sugar levels. To spice up the meal, you could top it with almonds, walnuts, or pecans, since they’re rich in healthy fat and protein. This ‘prevent Diabetes diet meal’ could help in normalizing the blood sugar level.


Fish are known as great sources of lean protein, especially the freshwater fishes. Go for an environmentally-friendly fish, like tilapia, cod, and catfish.

They must be prepared healthfully by roasting or grilling. Pair your chosen fish meal with top-notch carbohydrates, which are often found in vegetables, like beans and lentils.

Non-fat Yogurt

Non-fat yogurt possess high-end carbs and protein. Thus, non-fat yogurt is excellent in preventing the sudden rise of the blood sugar. The high level of calcium found in yogurt could as well lower the risk of having Type 2 Diabetes.

One of the best options is Greek fat-free yogurt because it has doubled amounts of protein, compared to regular non-fat yogurts.


The unsalted almonds are indeed healthy and they’re low-carb combined with monounsaturated fats. These nuts also have magnesium, which is speculated to be efficient in the metabolism of carbohydrates.

According to Harvard University, daily consumption of magnesium could lower the risk of having Diabetes.

Non-starchy Vegetables

Among the foods that are rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals are spinach, broccoli, mushroom, and pepper. These are a superb source of high-end carbohydrates. Since they’re low in calories, and they’re enriched in nutrients, they have a low impact on the blood sugar.

If you noticed, all of these are healthy foods. Thus, consume prevent Diabetes diet meals, to battle this prevalent disease efficiently.

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