Green Seaweed to the Rescue for Heart Health

Green Seaweed to the Rescue for Heart HealthScience continues to discover what seacoast-dwelling people have long known: seafood provides phenomenal benefits for our health. Fish of all kinds are, of course, widely known for furnishing healthful proteins and essential oils to our diets. Recent research also reveals the health benefits of seaweed, especially for heart health.

In fact, studies show that certain dietary seaweed can turn back the clock on aging and damaged arteries.

One type of seaweed, known as a green seaweed, is now attracting increasing scientific attention for its ability to restore arteries to their healthy, youthful function. Scientists refer to it as “Monostroma sp.,” based on its official classification.

Monostroma for Heart Health

The first studies on Monostroma sp. found that it produces certain types of polysaccharides that have anticoagulant properties. In other words, they inhibit the formation of blood clots. Surprisingly, these polysaccharides from Monostroma sp. are even more effective against blood clotting than the widely used blood-thinning drug, heparin.

More specifically, a 1991 study found that the polysaccharide in Monostroma nitidum had a 6-fold higher anticoagulant activity than that of standard heparin.

How Do Monostroma Polysaccharides Work?

You may be surprised to learn that the polysaccharides from this green seaweed are a lot like certain substances in the walls of your own arteries. Their chemical similarities explain how Monostroma sp. works for heart health benefits.

The walls of your arteries have an ultrathin layer in their lining, called the glycocalyx. The glycocalyx is comprised of polysaccharides that impart the slipperiness to arterial walls. Arterial slipperiness is crucial for good blood flow.

Cardiovascular problems develop when the fragile glycocalyx gets damaged by oxygen radicals and other oxidants in your blood. This is where the polysaccharides from Monostroma sp. do their work. They enable the rejuvenation of the glycocalyx, restoring it to its previously smooth, slippery structure. The net result is a more youthful artery wall for better heart health.

How to Get More Green Seaweed

Artery ArmorThe obvious strategy for benefiting from Monostroma sp. polysaccharides would be to simply include it in your diet. This is easier said than done. This seaweed is not widely available in supermarkets. Growing your own is not practical.

Furthermore, the heart-healthy polysaccharides of Monostroma sp. must be appropriately extracted and concentrated into the mixtures that have been used in research studies. This is not something that you can do in your kitchen, even if you could find a commercial source for this green seaweed.

A patent-pending process for processing the most beneficial components of Monostroma sp. has already been created for you. All you have to do to get the heart health benefits of Monostroma sp. polysaccharides is take a daily dose of 2 capsules of the proprietary extract.

Besides, this is a lot simpler than eating a couple pounds of seaweed every day, isn’t it?


About the Author:

Dr. Dennis Clark is a research scientist in plant natural products chemistry and herbal medicine. He enjoys teaching others how to get and stay healthy naturally.