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Mother Nature’s Ancient Answer To Our Modern Inflammation Epidemic

If you’ve been reading health headlines lately then you’ve noticed all the attention given to inflammation.

The same natural defense mechanism that helps your body fight off infection is also being linked to the worst degenerative diseases of our time

Based on all the new research about inflammation that’s been coming out in recent years it’s no wonder why…

Big Pharma is working overtime to develop the next generation of anti-inflammatory drugs

In one of the studies referenced above, doctors showed that a drug that treats juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (by lowering inflammation) could also reduce heart disease.

The problem is that this drug costs about $200,000 a year and it may cause serious side effects.

If you’re reading this page I am almost certain that you prefer a more natural solution and so you’ll be glad to know… 

There is a 100% natural way to reduce inflammation and the side effects include things like: halting pain and inflammation, regulating blood sugar, preventing obesity, boosting brain power, and improving sexual health! 

The ancient answer to our modern Inflammation epidemic is…
the Turmeric Root!

Turmeric root


  • A root related to ginger that gives curry and mustard its deep yellow color
  • Native to India and Southeast Asia
  • Highly prized in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for 100s of years

Source of curcumin, a polyphenol found to have strong anti-inflammatory properties

Curcumin is what makes Turmeric one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory plant substances on Earth

Curcumin is the most clinically studied, plant-derived, health-supporting substance in modern science, and more than 11,000 modern studies verify its value as a natural remedy that…

sexual health*

Curcumin improved erection function in rats with  “diabetes-induced erectile dysfunction” by increasing blood flow to their genitals. 

Regulates healthy
blood sugar*

Curcumin protects beta cells which produce insulin and it also helps insulin get into cells.

Fights cancer cells and prevents tumors*

According to Cancer Research UK: Curcumin “seems to be able to kill cancer cells and prevent more from growing.”

Boosts Brain Power*

Curcumin and has been shown to stimulate the creation of new neurons and improve connections between them, so that you can think faster and remember better.

Protects cells against oxidative damage*

In some studies curcumin was found to protect healthy cells from oxidation by scavenging reactive oxygen species from the body. 

Reduces risk for heart disease*

Recent research suggests that Atherosclerosis (clogged arteries) begins with inflammation in the cardiovascular system. 

Promotes joint comfort and flexibility*

Curcumin reduces the pain and stiffness of arthritis by blocking the signal that tells inflammatory cells where to attach.

Promotes gastrointestinal health*

Curcumin improves digestion by speeding up stomach digestion. 

Strengthens the body’s Immune system*

In the last two decades, curcumin has been shown to be a potent immune boosting agent that helps activate immune cells. 


FierceBioTech, July 2017


Why a dusting of Turmeric isn’t enough…

When many people read about the incredible health benefits of curcumin they often decide to start sprinkling turmeric on their food once in awhile.

But even if you ate Turmeric on your food 3 meals a day, every single day you still would not notice any changes to your health because…

  • Turmeric in its natural form only contains 2-5% active curcuminoids
  • Curcumin isn’t easily absorbed by the human digestive system and so most of it leaves your body unmetabolized

This means you’d have to eat a staggering amount of Turmeric to get a therapeutic dose of Curcuminoids into your tissues…

Unless you take a high-quality Curcumin supplement that uses a proprietary delivery system to ensure the curcuminoids actually make it into your bloodstream.

The First Curcumin Study of its Kind Proves That Our Product is the Best!

A randomized, double-blind study conducted on human volunteers at The University of Tampa compared the main ingredient in Curcumin 46X (CurcuWIN) with standard curcumin plus two other commercial curcumin preparations. 

CurcuWIN was found to increase relative absorption of total curcuminoids 46 times over standard curcumin, 35 times over Product A, and 6 times over Product B.

No other product has gone through this degree of testing alongside multiple product forms!

You can read more about the study in Nutrition Journal.

Curcumin Full Spectrum 46X

  • Patented Curcumin delivery system allows for 46 times greater bio-absorbability than ordinary Turmeric root formulas!
  • Made from a full-spectrum of the whole Turmeric root (not just the curcumin) just like Mother Nature intended
  • Made in a facility that adheres to the FDA Good Manufacturing Practices
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Curcumin 46x


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Don’t Be Fooled By Fool’s Gold!

With so many Baby Boomers looking to age gracefully and avoid degenerative diseases, selling Curcumin supplements is now a $200M+ business. 

Less-than-honorable companies have tried to make a quick buck flooding the marketplace with low-quality curcumin products. 

When went undercover they discovered that 20% of turmeric/curcumin supplements tested provided less than 15% of the compounds listed on labels. 

The shocking truth is that many supplements claiming to contain 95% curcuminoids actually only contain 4% actives

What’s the rest of the gold filling? 

Artificial fillers like maltodextrin! 

You can rest assured that when you purchase Curcumin Full Spectrum 46X that our product is produced with the highest standards. 

An estimated 70% of nutritional supplement manufacturers do not comply with the FDA’s Good Manufacturing Practices. We do!

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Curcumin Full Spectrum 46X is Your Secret Weapon Against “Inflam-Aging”!

As you can see, it’s nearly impossible to avoid every single source of “inflam-aging”…

  • Sugar
  • Too much alcohol
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Too much stress
  • Fried Food
  • Not enough sleep
  • Fast food
  • Not enough exercise
  • Trans fats
  • Toxic environment
  • Grain-fed meats
  • Toxic cosmetics

… but by taking just Curcumin 46X each day you can stack the odds in your favor!

It literally takes only a few seconds a day to begin reducing inflammation and the degenerative diseases associated with aging.

Most people don’t want to reveal their “secret weapon” for aging gracefully but we were able to find a few folks who weren’t shy about sharing…

Rave Reviews for
Curcumin Full Spectrum 46X

5 stars
By: Mary-Ann from Bismarck, North Dakota. on 8/23/2017
When I take the Curcumin, my pain is less and I seem to be not as stiff and sore. I have arthritis, fibromyalgia, [and] osteo-arthritis… but taking the Curcumin is hopefully keeping it at bay, and even reversing it… All I know is, I feel a bit healthier when I take the Curcumin, and definitely notice, when, for some reason or other, I don’t take it, pain and stiffness become almost unbearable, so I will keep taking it!

4 stars
By: Liz B from Aurora, Ontario. on 8/13/2017
After living most of my life in pain from scoliosis and arthritis and then diagnosed with MS, I have been trying to find natural remedies.  When I came across the info on Curcumin, it seemed like the thing to try.  After using it for less than a month, I noticed the pain levels had dropped significantly.  My husband then tried it for a rotator cuff injury and found the same thing.

5 stars
By: Debra S from Vancouver, British Columbia. on 8/10/2017
I have tried another curcumin product available at my local health food store but it did not have the same positive effect on my digestive system as Curcumin Full Spectrum Formula. 

3 stars
By: Rich B from Millsboro, PA. on 6/19/2017
Almost complete pain relief in both shoulders.

5 stars
By: Jim S from Grapevine, TX. on 6/7/2017
I’ve used this product for 30 days and it has improved my digestive system.

5 stars
By: John from Shepperton, UK. on 5/28/2017
Curcumin has a long history of many health benefits. Being able to take advantage of a full strength and clean version of this exceptional supplement is already making me feel less like a ‘senior’ and helping me live life to the full.

4 stars
By: Jean T from Canyon, Texas. on 5/4/2017
After surgery I had digestive problems, pain, inflammation, trouble sleeping. After only 6 weeks, stomach cramps are gone, constipation under control, pain is gone.

5 stars
By: Claude from Genille, France. on 10/3/2016
It just makes me feel good! Good in my body (no pain in my knees) and good in my head (happier).

4 stars
By: Ann from Cork, Ireland. on 7/13/2016
Since me and my husband began taking Curcumin FSF we have both noted great improvement in joint and back pain.

5 stars
By: Angela D from Trinidad. on 5/13/2015
Am on my second bottle and I can tell you I feel light in body for a 66 year old. I gave away one to my sister. Thank you so much.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied with Curcumin Full Spectrum 46X!

Try it for 60 days and if you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason, simply return any open and unopened bottles or boxes and we’ll send you a full, 100% refund of the total cost of your initial order (less shipping & handling).

If your product arrived damaged, please contact our Customer Care department to request a return authorization number at or 800-388-3285.

Bundle It for Best Benefits!

Don’t put off your wellness. Start benefiting from curcumin today. Get a single bottle of Full Spectrum Curcumin or bundle it in packages of 3 or 6 for savings and convenience.

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