The black radish (not to be confused with the “traditional” radishes) is a vegetable that has been used since ancient times to treat different types of diseases, in the style of home and natural remedies.

The most usual way to consume it is by extracting your juice and drinking it daily.

The scientific name of the black radish is Raphanus sativus.

Do you wonder what a black radish is for?

It is perfect for digestion, liver, and kidneys. But also for the hair or the skin.

Discover the following 7 great properties of black radish.

  1. For the liver, the black radish is very commonly used for liver and digestive problems in general. It is considered very useful for “hepatic migraines” and also for dyspepsia, biliary inconveniences and even hepatitis. It is used a lot for this type of inconveniences, both consumed and juice, but also in medicines, supplements, and extracts. A great heat protector.
  2. For Cholesterol, the black radish is in the considered group of herbs for cholesterol since it helps the liver to process the fats better. In addition, it is a vegetable that has good fiber content, something that is always important when it comes to fighting cholesterol.
  3. For the skin, it is used both internally and externally for the skin. Inside, if you take your juice, it will help you clean the liver and make your skin look better. On the outside, it can be applied in masks, resulting ideal to remove stains and eczema.
  4. For the kidneys, the black radish has an excellent power in combating infections and drawbacks of similar characteristics. If you are suffering from cystitis, for example, you can consume black radish juice to get everything back to normal as soon as possible.
  5. For digestion, the black radish, whether in a food, in juice or in any shape, will be great for good digestion. It is enzymatic and favors, as you have seen, liver function. Very favorable for those who have heavy digestion.
  6. For hair, it works at a level similar to what happens to the skin. The black radish, in this case, can be used inside and out to provide you with its benefits. Do not miss it! You will see that besides making your hair better, it strengthens you and prevents your hair from falling.
  7. For Breathing, black radish is also considered useful for some respiratory disorders (asthma, bronchitis, cough). It has a similar effect to that of ginger, helping the bronchi, clearing the throat and fighting aphonia, among other things.

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