Smoothies have risen in popularity over the past several years. Dozens of books and hundreds of articles have been written about them online. There may be thousands of smoothie recipes.

Smoothies serve several purposes. They can be meal replacements, high-energy snacks, or health drinks.

The two main types of smoothies consist of either green or fruity. Unfortunately, fruity smoothies are overloaded with sugar, which eliminates them from consideration as healthy smoothies. This may seem controversial. Nevertheless, too much sugar from any source causes many health problems.

Choosing a recipe for health benefits should, therefore, rely on healthy green smoothies. Different ingredients provide certain kinds of benefits. Digestive health should be right at the top of this list.

What are the best smoothies for digestion?

Answering this question entails finding ingredients that both aid digestion and taste good.

Regarding taste, green smoothies without added flavoring are often bland or taste like your lawn. This is where herbs and spices come in handy. The following recipes offer some suggested ingredients that are interchangeable depending on what tickles your taste buds the way you like.

As always, if you insist on sweetening your smoothies, the best choice is stevia. Stevia drops even come in different flavors, from lemon to vanilla and more.

Now let’s take a look at the following recipes for easy smoothies to make your digestive system perk up every day.

1. Probiotic Smoothie

At the outset, remember that everything you eat or drink affects your microbiome – i.e., the friendly bacteria that inhabit your G.I tract. Your overall good health depends on keeping them happy.

The top of any list of green smoothie recipes for digestive health must boost your gut bacteria.

Start with 8 ounces of a liquid base that is tasty, such as unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk. Then add food that is laced with probiotic bacteria. A good example is a plain yogurt. This means a product that has no added flavors, colors, or sweeteners (especially sugar!). Plain yogurt should be a white, thick liquid with a slightly tangy flavor. About 2 ounces should do the trick.

Besides yogurt, 2 ounces of kefir would also be the right choice for a probiotic smoothie. It is also loaded with calcium, protein, and vitamin B-12.

Round out this recipe with a cup of delicate, dark green spinach leaves, and you have the makings of a tremendous probiotic smoothie.

Add a quarter cup of cilantro for flavor.

2. Blood Sugar Control Smoothie

The two most well-known herbs for aiding digestion are ginger and cinnamon. They also help control blood sugar levels. Moreover, these herbs are two of the most flavor-rich ingredients for any smoothie.

Start again with a base of 8 ounces of coconut milk or almond milk. Then peel and mince a 1-inch piece of fresh ginger. Add it in with 1/8 ground cinnamon and a cup of arugula or your choice of leafy greens.

3. Hot and Spicy Smoothie

Cayenne pepper is the king of the hill for spicing up your smoothies. Benefits include aiding digestion, healing upset stomach, slowing intestinal gas and stopping stomach pain.

A dash or two of cayenne will spice things up nicely. If you want more flavor to go with the heat, toss in a diced up jalapeño pepper or two.

Nut milk is not as compatible with hot and spicy ingredients as they are with other smoothies. Start with 8 ounces of water instead.

Spiciness goes exceptionally well with kale. Add a cup of kale, with the mid-veins removed, for your greens in this smoothie.

You can also smooth out this recipe with avocado. Avocado adds a beautiful creaminess to any smoothie. Add a half or whole avocado, depending on the size of the fruit.

4. Adventurous Smoothie

Flavorful kombucha tea tops the list for smoothie adventure. Kombucha is naturally carbonated, tangy, sour, and sweet at the same time. It is also chock full of enzymes and antioxidants. It packs a probiotic punch, too.

Kombucha contains organic acids that bind toxins in the G.I. tract, thereby boosting liver health.

Fortunately, you don’t have to make your kombucha anymore. It is widely available in several flavors in most health food markets.

Start with 8 ounces of kombucha and add a cup of fresh spinach or other greens. This is a good recipe for mixing kale or arugula or other leafy greens in the same smoothie. Smooth it all out with avocado and your taste adventure is ready.

5. High-Fat Smoothie

Proper digestion and all aspects of good health depend on getting enough of the right fats in your diet. Avocado is an excellent source of critical monounsaturated fatty acids. Seed oils from flax and chia add omega-3s. Coconut oil is an excellent source of healthful saturated fat.

Organic coconut oil is easy to find, although it may have to be warmed to become liquid. You can use MCT oil from coconuts instead.

Flax and chia seeds should be ground immediately before use. A kitchen coffee grinder works well. You must physically break down the tough seed coats, or the seeds will pass right on through you. The oils will oxidize quickly, so it is vital to use the ground seeds as soon as you can after preparing them.

Start with 8 ounces of any of your favorite liquids – e.g., almond milk, coconut milk, water. Add a cup of leafy greens and 2-3 tablespoons of ground oilseeds or coconut/MCT oil.

Power Up Every Smoothie for Digestion

Starting every day with healthy morning smoothies is a wonderful way to have nutritious liquid meals. If you want to power them up, though, add in superfood powders for smoothies.

The five best smoothies for digestion here provide an excellent foundation for nutritious meal replacements or snacks. Be sure to boost the benefits of each smoothie with a scoop of powder containing the

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