Did you know that you can take a test to uncover which foods and other substances trigger chronic inflammation?

A few years ago, I took the Alcat test. l was shocked to find out I had a severe intolerance to Avocados.

I also found out why I always hated Bananas. I was severely intolerant to:

  1. Cow’s Milk.
  2. Crab
  3. Onion
  4. Paprika
  5. Pumpkin
  6. Spinach
  7. Tuna

Even though I never felt bad, when I removed these foods from my diet. I started to feel better.

Now I’m on a personal biohacking journey. I am going to focus on the basics; Sleep, exercise, and food. I want to find more about how my body reacts in 90 days of consistent effort. Along the way, I’m going to interview sleep specialist, nutritionists, dieticians, and others. Then document my results and finding every day.

Here’s my interview with nutritionist Brittany Berjarano of B-Fit Naturally:

Video Transcription

Kendall E. Matthews: Matthews here and you know, one of the things that I love to do is interview individuals who are really focused on health because as I’m getting older, I want to know how I can make sure that I can live as long as possible.

I know that’s probably the main thing for a lot of people, but especially for me and so I’m interviewing one of my good friends Brittany Bejarano she is so awesome too because of our relationship. She’s a great person and founder of B-Fit naturally.

I trained with her work with her and took her nutrition plans and one of the reasons why I have her on this call today and our video recording today is because I wanted to understand more about how our foods fit into our inflammation and how can foods fight inflammation.

So, um, before we go into that, Brittany, tell us a little bit about your background in what your story is and then we’ll go into what foods do you believe will help fight inflation

Brittany Bejarano: Yeah. Well, thank you again for having me on Kendall. I really do appreciate it.

This is my biggest passion in life, in their health and wellbeing and for me, my name and my business is called B-fit naturally. So it’s spelled a little differently as dash fit naturally and in regards, um, in regards to that, my history as to the reason why that I got into health and nutrition is simply because of my belief in the body.

I believe that the body and it’s proven in science that the body can reheal and regenerate itself on a continuous basis and given that information we want to do or I want to do whatever it is possible for me too, as you said, lived as long as I want to live without seeing the scrutiny of the pain and the so-called aging and inflammation and diseases that can arise in the body.

Brittany Bejarano: And so for me, I got interested and started with my nutrition business about 10 years ago.

Ten years ago is when I started my research and my own personal journey into health and nutrition. And after that, I got my, about six and a half years ago. I got my certification first in sports nutrition because that was the big thing at the time was for nutrition and personal training and I did do both.

Um, and then decided that really nutrition was my, my ultimate goal and really saw how you can’t really change the body only through as far as health goes, um, and composition and everything else. You can’t really change the body just there working out and if you don’t have the support system from the nutrition, you can’t get what you want anyway from that standpoint.

So I’m combining. Both are vital to our health and wellbeing.

Brittany Bejarano: Um, so I decided to go more towards the nutrition aspect and six years ago is when I started my business. I got my sports nutrition degree and then after that, I was on my, again, my journey to health and wellbeing and decided to get my.

Sorry I was, I, my husband and I decided to have a baby.

So I got pregnant and afterward, I went through the whole issue of losing weight after childbirth when through hormonal issues, ah, having acne, um, again, emotional ups and downs.

And so I wanted to go back to school to figure out how and why the body changes and how to be able to help my body naturally get back into balance. And at first it was also very discouraging when I asked the doctors, you know, hey, I’d like to do a blood test, how can I get back into balance with my hormones

Brittany Bejarano: They said, oh no, no, don’t worry about it. At least a year.

And at about six months I started gaining weight again and I wasn’t doing anything so-called out of the normal.

And I was thinking too, a lot of the things that I had learned when I did sports nutrition, which was all about fat loss and different supplements and things of that nature. So I started implementing that, but I was gaining weight. So that was another exciting thing for me to go back to school and get my certification in pre and postnatal nutrition.

And then I also got it for child nutrition because I wanted to know how to feed my son as he was getting older.

And so as of right now, I do have a holistic nutrition certification and all of my schooling has been through Shaw Academy, which has been in the school for me to be able to continue my education and ongoing.

Brittany Bejarano: Um, but yeah, so that’s, I mean that’s a little bit about me and what I do and right now I’m in my thirties and people say, oh, well you’re so young, you don’t have to worry about that.

But I look at health as being preventative and I don’t believe that you hit any age and you can’t fix something.

My belief is that it doesn’t matter where you are as far as you’re going live, you can achieve what you want, but you have to be, you have to know what your body is calling for.

And, and I definitely helped with that and be fit naturally is incorporating the food, the right supplements, the right exercise into your life to really help your body succeed. It’s not just a one size fits all diet.

Right And that’s very important

Kendall E. Matthews: then. So thank you for that. You know that background. And one of the questions individuals have had and asked is what type of foods fight in inflammation, so could you give us a background on that,

Brittany Bejarano: that fight inflammation, but it’s also really finding out where inflammation come from and a big source of it, excuse me.

And so you can get inflammation from big things as far as the goes, but you can get inflammation from exercise and I’m not getting enough sleep.

All of those assets also contribute to inflammation in the body.

Um, but when it comes to specific foods, I did jot some notes, so I want to read that to you just to make sure that I didn’t forget anything but a lot if for people who are eating, let’s say meat per se, it’s very, very important that you do purchase wild caught and grass-fed meat.

Now, through my research, through years of research and also personal changes in my own lifestyle, I have decided to go full on plant-based just simply means that I’ve cut out all dairy products, I’ve cut out all animal protein, things of that nature.

Brittany Bejarano: Science has really shown and really proven that having too much protein, specifically animal meat protein, severely causes the body to create too much inflammation. One of them that is a very good distinction too, knowing that you had too much, that you’re eating too much.

Protein is what’s called Gout and Gout is extreme inflammation and pain in the joints, specifically targeting the toes, the big toe, and that means that your body’s creating too much uric acid and it’s not able to flush it out, which is really damaging to the kidneys.

So if you’re going to have animal protein, I will recommend having animal protein, not on an everyday basis but maybe three to four times a week and I would limit the types of animal protein you have to simply fish.

Again, it is wild caught and bison, which is very lean, red meat, um, and the other one would, would be okay from time to time. I wouldn’t always have it from that standpoint, but the rabbit is also supposed to be very good from that standard

Kendall E. Matthews: rabbit.

Brittany Bejarano: That’s hilarious. Dairy is so another one.

And they’re finding that dairy pausing. Significant chicken.


Mucus in the body and they’re finding that mucus is, is actually pausing a lot of inflammation and illness.

Okay. Today. Um, and, and sorry, in dairy is actually not something that’s supposed to be consumed by humans, but we’ve been taught she could assume because of cm, right We’ve heard that it creates counseling to help to protect her above that actually does the.

Okay. And what I mean by that is, yeah, when you drink milk or cheese or, uh, yogurts that have dairy in them and we’re all told this, I did it at times as well, but um, come to find out when you ingest it that a dairy that, because is an antibody reaction in your body.

So your body goes to town, it starts attacking it because it’s foreign and it’s extremely.

Brittany Bejarano: And what it does is it causes what’s called acidosis in the blood, which means your blood becomes too acidic. Yeah.

So how does the body balance itself Because it’s so smart? Is it, is it. Sorry, it’s creeping out. Um, I’m from your bone to help them. Alpha Lion your blood.

So now you’re actually pulling calcium from your bone causing arthritis and osteoporosis, which another thing is inflammation or an after effect of inflammation, and it’s now causing that. Yeah, now you’re losing calcium so you’re not really gaining any benefit standpoint of dairy.

So dairy is another big proponent to inflammation.

So a couple of other things when it comes to anti-inflammatory foods would be really increasing your nuts. I see nuts and seeds have tons of yes fatty acids in them, oils in them to help get rid of inflammation in the body.

Now you want to make sure that the tubs, nuts, and seeds that you do get course raw and organic.

Brittany Bejarano: I’m not roasted. The roasted now changes the composition of the nuts to where when it goes into the body, it goes in like a carcinogen, which is cancer causing an inflammatory. The other thing is to make sure that you’re having tons and tons of veggies.

We get that so used to people telling me all the time, well, I don’t like that, but I really find out why they don’t like veggies and it’s usually because they don’t know how to make them. So I teach people how to make veggies really tasty.

You can make them from frozen, you can make them from fresh, whatever convenient for you, but having veggies really get the inflammation out of the body. Now I’m boiling and steaming them are going to be the best ways of cooking veggies, uh, simply because it doesn’t change too long.

Of course, too long of seeming or boiling will change the composition of them, but I’m not as much as frying them or putting them in the microwave or things of that nature.

Brittany Bejarano: So really make sure that you’re boiling steaming your vegetables.

Um, next one is having legumes. Legumes are also very good.

Now people say that Legum has with called lectins in them and that is true. And lectins, you do need a certain amount of lectins in the body to help with digestion.

But lectures are also can cause inflammatory responses when having too much of that, but lectures are the same thing as far as reaction goes as gluten and gluten.

You can kind of take apart the word and it sounds like glue, which is exactly what it is. And gluten goes into the body and causes major habit causes brain inflammation, joint inflammation, Gut, a gut inflammation.

Um, so when it comes to Lectins, it can have that same kind of reaction in the body. However, there is proof that you can reduce the number of lectins when you are eating lagoon.

Brittany Bejarano: You can reduce that by simply doing a pressure cooker, cooking them in a pressure cooker, or when you cook them, you just want to double boil them.

So if you get them out of a BPA free cans, then you just want to boil them for another two to three minutes and that helps to again kill the lectins and allows you to have better digestion of those types of guns.

And the next couple things that I’ll go over is a healthy stack. Now we downgrade that having healthy fats because we think, and again in our society we’ve been taught that fats are bad and don’t, don’t eat fat, right However fast, they’re very, very good and I would actually consider myself to be more of Aikido, plant-based eater or have more of a plant-based lifestyle and that simply means that I’m having really good fat in my daily intake as well as all the vegetables in the world.

Brittany Bejarano: So what does that look like What are some of the healthy fats Some of them would be a Vegan with what you could find is a Vegan DHA and also EPA DHA supplements.

Those are great. Fatty acids in them.

They usually come from algae and algae is amazing for getting rid of inflammation. You can also have evening primrose oil.

That’s amazing. Fatty acid, black seed oil, flax seeds, hemp oil is beautiful when it comes to getting rid of inflammation in the body and in less than at least you.

So take a look at Chia seeds. See, those are all different types of services, but they have very, very good fatty acids in them. Um, and last but not least, sea buckthorn oil is very, very good. Um, getting rid of inflammation.

So don’t downgrade your fatty acids.

Okay. So they are very, very good and they do help the body to burn fat. Yeah. And then less than I least. Herbs and spices, herbs and spices. We, Tumeric, garlic, all these different types of are amazing for our body and really helping to get rid of inflammation.

And then last but not least, having good sweeteners. So as a plant-based eater, I do have plenty at times, not all the time, but honey is very majestic.

No, it’s great for getting rid of inflammation is antibacterial. Um, if you ever get, if you ever get a cut or you have a sore throat, it’s amazing for getting says throw it out or helping to keep that cut clean. And Yeah,

Brittany Bejarano: last but not least, water. We’ve got to drink.


Water is so vital.

If we’re not getting enough water, we’re dehydrated and our body just consumed all of the toxins.

Yeah. Because it doesn’t want to let go of it because you’re not able to flesh it out. You don’t have enough of that water coming through to flush those toxins out,

Kendall E. Matthews: so

Brittany Bejarano: we downgrade water a lot. We think having teas and coffee is and other things are liquidy, but they’re dehydrators and they do. They dehydrate the body and it’s so important to get water in and coconut water, coconut water with no added sugars.

Great as well.

So getting that, getting those fluids in really helps to get rid of that inflammation as well.

Kendall E. Matthews: I know there was a lot deliver.

Brittany is wealth as you can tell of information, so Brittany for B-fit Naturally and we’re going to hopefully have.

We’re on again on a couple of different shows as I’m talking to individuals about their health, their lifestyle, and as you heard from Brittany is just not one thing. You have to look at your whole person so you can be very successful not just in business but in life and family and relationships because if you’re fighting inflammation, you’re fighting pain, mental pain, all these other things that go along with it that can affect your relationships.

So this is very, and that’s why I’m going to make sure that it’s a part of the conversations that I’m having, what people, not just about business technology marketing, but about health and how that is the center point of your life, because, at the end of the day, it’s you on that bed looking up at the ceiling.

Kendall E. Matthews: So, but the point that we want to make as we’re going through this life journey is to work together and that’s what Brittany is here for. That’s when I’m interviewing Dr. Clark and others. We’re going to make sure that you have the right information.

You need to be successful in life.

Now, if you want to connect with Brittany, she’s going to be in all of our areas, is that because she’s a great individual.

So make sure you subscribe to the channel that you’re listening to this on in, click on the notifications button so you can make sure that when we have a new video coming out, a new podcast coming out, even a new article, that you’re going to get information that’s going to help you be successful in life as you’re living through this journey. We call everyday life, so let’s make it successful. All right, Brittany, thank you so much.

Brittany Bejarano: You’re very welcome. Thank you so much, Kendall. I really appreciate being on here with you.


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