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DyfloGest® Advanced European Digestion Formula

Repairs, Strengthens, and Revitalizes a Damaged Digestive Tract.
Out with old fecal buildup FAST!

Eat what you like and still have regular bowel movements — no pain, no strain, no gas! Simply take natural DyfloGest® 15 minutes before you eat. Independent clinical tests show DyfloGest® does what probiotics, enzymes and colon cleansers can’t do for you!

For more than 60 years this advanced digestion remedy has been wildly popular with Eastern Europeans where it is a household name. Now American doctors and scientists are bringing this remedy to you — the one little pill that take away your biggest bowel troubles.

Based on a 300-year-old remedy and decades of scientific research DyfloGest® is the digestion “miracle” pill you’ve been waiting for! Clinical tests at an independent lab PROVE DyfloGest® really works.

  • Flushes your colon of backed up feces by stimulating peristalsis to relieve you of your worst digestive symptoms — in just days!
  • Triggers your liver to make essential digestive juices — like bile — to break down food and fats in your stomach for easier bowel movements, less gas and more digestion.
  • Strengthens all 3 digestion zones so your symptoms don’t keep coming back.
Independent clinical research proves DyfloGest® improved or eliminated common digestive problems such as:


  • Gas — more than 95%
  • Constipation — more than 90%
  • Intestinal pains — more than 90%
  • Stomach cramps — more than 90%
  • Heartburn/acid reflux — more than 90%
  • Bloating — more than 80%
  • Diarrhea — more than 75%
  • Nausea/Vomiting — more than 65%


DyfloGest® does what probiotics, laxatives, enzymes and colon cleansers CAN’T! Order today! Get your digestion moving and get elimination on the fast track.



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