About Dr. Dennis Clark

Dr. Dennis Clark is a research scientist in plant natural products chemistry and herbal medicine. He enjoys teaching others how to get and stay healthy naturally.

Resveratrol Rejuvenates Blood Vessels

The popularity of resveratrol supplements accelerated a few years ago when Dr. Oz began to tout resveratrol health benefits during his appearances on Oprah and Good Morning America. This is not news to science, though, since nearly 10,000 research articles have been published on this substance since 1978. Moreover, a comprehensive review of resveratrol by [...]

Top Herbal Antioxidant for Heart Health

Inflammation is a major danger behind heart disease. Antioxidants reduce inflammation. This is why they play such a crucial role for heart health. Mother Nature provides a wide variety of dietary antioxidants. The single most studied of these is a group of substances called polyphenolics. A 2013 review of the heart health benefits of polyphenolics [...]

The Truth Behind Aging Coronary Arteries: Restoring Arterial Health

Cardiovascular health depends on good blood flow. Arterial damage slows this flow down. The result is cardiovascular disease. According to mainstream medicine, an underlying factor of such disease is arterial aging. This view is only partially true. The key to understanding cardiovascular health doesn’t depend on how old arteries are. It depends instead on how [...]